Public Works Department

In 2014, The City of Gaylord merged the Water, Streets, and Parks & Grounds Departments into the Public Works Department.

The Gaylord Area Aquatic Center also falls under the Public Works Department banner.

Gaylord Public Works Staff

Ty Reimers

Ty Reimers

Public Works Director

Justen Rose

Streets and Storm Water Maintenance Technician


Robert Kloeckl

Robert Kloeckl

Water/Wastewater Maintenance Technician

Leighton Rose

Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Technician

Streets & Stormwater

The Streets and Storm Water Maintenance position is responsible for maintaining city streets, directing snow removal operations, and maintaining the City’s Storm Sewer infrastructure.

Parks and Grounds

Enjoy the city parks of Gaylord!

The City has 4 different parks for you and your family to enjoy! Features include: playgrounds, a tennis court, a 1/2 basketball court, baseball fields, shelter houses, the Gaylord Area Aquatic Center, and plenty of picnic tables and benches. Walk, play, or just take a seat and enjoy the scenery!

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Water & Wastewater

Gaylord residents and businesses are billed monthly for water and sewer service. The Utility Clerk handles the billing and collection process, customer concerns, as well as other responsibilities for the City. Online payments are available to all citizens.

Water and Sewer Emergencies

Monday through Friday during work hours 8:00 am–4:30 pm

After Hours or on Holidays

Contact the Sibley County Sheriff Office. City maintenance staff will be notified immediately.


The City of Gaylord utilizes 3 wells for its drinking water. The raw well water is sent through 2 rapid sand filters, capable of producing 750 gallons per minute each. The filtered water is then treated with chlorine and fluoride before being sent out to the system.

Currently, water is stored in 2 water towers with a capacity of 400,000 gallons each for a total capacity of 800,000 gallons.
In 2016, the new 400,000 gallon tower was constructed on the west side of town and put in to service in September of that year. The old “red hat” or “witch hat” downtown tower was torn down in June of 2017.

The City of Gaylord produces approximately 19.5 Million gallons per month for its residents and businesses.

Water Pressure is 55-60 pounds and 26 grains of hardness.

Department of Health


The City of Gaylord operates and maintains a 3-cell 82 ACRE stabilization pond for its wastewater. This is located just outside of the south side of town.

Wastewater is pumped to this pond, where it is treated. The treatment is utilized naturally by using wind (oxygen), sunlight, and bacteria to break down the waste.

The Stabilization ponds are discharged twice per year. Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The average flow to the ponds during the year is approximately 7.5 million gallons per month.


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